Hello, I'm Nina Fountain

Workplace Strategist, Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Speaker

Helping senior leaders build workplaces that enable growth

Facilitating new directions for the workplace

In today’s marketplace, leaders need to understand the specific benefits and challenges of remote, flexible and hybrid work for their people. They need a workplace that will bring out their best. 

There is good reason to make informed decisions. 

The risks are high and yet great work is worth its weight in gold. This is what drives me in my work – I want more people to have the experience of working at a great workplace.

Are you a leader and workplace decision-maker? Are you more ‘forward-thinking’ than ‘mainstream’? Do you value your people? 

Together we can help you get your people back in the office, bring your leadership team around a decision that will stick, and bring your people on your workplace journey. 

It’s time to innovate the workplace

Copying the workplace model of the company down the road is like wearing someone else’s shoes – there’s a chance those shoes will fit but more than likely, they won’t.  

I want my clients to be excited about their results – to see and feel how their workplace is fit for purpose and for the future. 

This has led me to pursue innovative approaches to Workplace Strategy and Change Management.

I help workplace leaders build workplaces that work for their business and their people. 

My background is varied. I graduated with an Honours degree in the Applied Science of Speech Pathology – a Communication Sciences degree. I have since studied business and worked in the public service. I now lead two successful businesses.

Enabling growth for the next decade

It takes a lot to understand the workplace. Decision-making as a leadership team and bringing with you on the journey can be challenging.

I am a leading Workplace Strategist and recognised expert in flexible modern workplaces. I pioneered flexible workplace thinking in Australia and New Zealand – my published guidance on flexible workplace systems was adopted by both the Australian and NZ governments. 

Results of my work include wellbeing increases of up to 19%, job satisfaction increases of 25% and workstation reduction of 35% or more.  

Helping leaders write their own playbook

The Workplace Makers podcast is about people building workplaces that attract a crowd – the people creating workplaces we aspire to. It’s about achieving the ultimate win – a workplace people are drawn to, wherever they work from. 

We talk with people turning the workplace into a powerful business tool for growth and discover how we can remove limitations, to enable people to be their best through workplace innovation and design.

We unlock the secrets of attractive, productive and engaging modern workplaces through a wide range of topics: ways of working, workspace design, transformation, technology, human-centred design, program and project management and the future of the office.

Topics I love to talk about it

  • The workplace as an enabler of human potential
  • Stories of courage, boldness and self-sacrifice
  • How to create truly remarkable change
  • The design process
  • Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Business
  • Science
  • Art

The ‘Are you an artist?’ question

You know that famous icebreaker question? “Tell the person sitting next to you one thing they probably wouldn’t know about you”. 

Occasionally I’ll admit that I enjoy drawing portraits. The next question is often ‘Are you an artist?’ 

One thing I can readily say in response is that I have a huge appreciation for the power of design to change our lives – not just the end products but also the design process. 


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